This Is Why the Left Will Never Win

The Conjure House

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The American Left is so bankrupt, so rudderless, it can only be viewed as a cheap, depressing memory of what it once was. The Left is the hero you had in highschool now addicted to heroin, drooling on a cum-stained couch in some dirty apartment repeating the same story about “that one time they almost changed the world” in 9th grade.

Who took the Revolution out of the Left? Who is the usurper who broke down every ounce of militancy and replaced with the most bourgeoisie identity chess games? Who has done more damage to any “threat” the Left once posed to the powerful than any COINTELPRO operation known to man/woman/otherkin?

The Left itself.

I’m sure you heard about the Trump statues made by an Anarchist collective popping up in a few cities. What you may not of heard(and count yourselves lucky) is the bullshit response coming out of the…

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