31 Days of Magick, Day 1: Candles


Being New Years’ Day, it was inevitable that I would talk to some folks about their lives and what they need going forward. I was floored at how many people in my circles seem to need to build strength to shift some burden, change a bad situation for the better, or otherwise make the kind of improvements that are on everybody’s mind this time of year. I would be lying if I didn’t find myself in much the same boat.

I opened with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram before doing anything else. I then dressed two candles on my altar (the top of my dresser) with Oil of Abramelin, applying the oil from bottom to top. I then lit the candles, and my prayer for guidance went out to Brigid, the Irish goddess of fire, poetry, smithcraft, sacred wells, and so on. I had talked about Her with a friend of mine last night, so the choice of her was natural, especially considering her bardic qualities, links with home and hospitality, and sheer Will.

“Blessing and honor, glory and power be unto great Brigid, mother of the fire and the hearth.”

“Thus it is that I pray the light of the Stars be established on Earth.”

At one point, She seemed to indicate that I should dance, so I did. She indicated then that I was to wear the wool Army blanket from my bed as a cloak, so I put it around my shoulders.

I begged the spirits’ pardon to snap the photo above, and implored Brigid to intercede with those of us who need to build strength, to find a place in the world or in ourselves that is a cozy hearth to which we can return, but also a forge in which to create.

I bid the attending spirits to go in peace, extinguished the lights, and wrote this.


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