31 Days of Magic

Magick is worth a try, and now, like so many other things worth a try, there is a 31-day free trial.

Wanderings in the Labyrinth

I’ve been working with the #StrategicSorcery community (led by Jason Miller) community on and off over the last few years, and I’ve decided that I’m actually going to be doing this project here.

12356825_1668218196797185_4203133643272224416_o 31 Brilliant Ways of rooting your magic in materia

The idea is that on each of the 31 days of January, we’re to do some magical work that uses one of these 31 types of magical work in the illustration at right.  As Kalagni of BlueFlame Magic  points out, the list asks for a lot in terms of technique and skill and development, but doesn’t ask for a lot in the way of cultural or specific spiritual framework.  Essentially, it asks the practitioner to work on putting this specific type of material basis or process to work within their own tradition (which for me is primarily DOGD work at this point, though it contains elements of the work of

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