What happens when you de-claw a hipster? Contemporary Conformist.

Yet Another Fashion Revolution

Do you live in a city but strive to look as though you live in the country?

Does your apartment or coffee house or bar of choice use reclaimed wood, bare brick walls, or Edison light bulbs in quaint fixtures?

Do you drink ‘craft’ coffee or beer? Eat ‘artisanal’ bread?

Do you consume curated experiences?

Does your workplace let you wear ‘workplace casual’ clothing?

Do you consider yourself grown out of youth culture, but above or apart from the mainstream?

…Then you may be a Contemporary Conformist.

This new term for the upwardly-mobile, tech-literate, middle-class, urban, declawed-bohemian lifestyle or scene or aesthetic or whatever it can be said to be is the brainchild of Carles, the man behind Hipster Runoff, a now-defunct blog that still attracts a modicum of interest.

His critiques had me hooked on several levels.

First off, I fit pretty squarely within the contemporary conformist on several…

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  1. frejafolkvangar
    Dec 06, 2015 @ 01:58:44

    Thank you for writing this. I have such complicated feelings about the “hipster” of lore. On the one hand, it’s the epitome of being a hipster to bash hipsters, especially given that the argument “I liked it unironically and before it was cool” is now unusable. On the other hand, it irks me that they co-opt so many things without the necessary context, especially from rural America, and often marginalized rural America at that, such as their romanticized hipster Appalachia, with all of the flannel and great views and none of the poverty and oppression.


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